"The True Story" I Berlim.

A WARM INVITATION to the PREMIERE and the other ideas of “THE TRUE STORY” on 30.08 at 19h at the JugendTheaterWerkstatt Spandau (JTW), Berlim.

The JTW ensemble picks up on the generational conflicts of our time with a grotesque parable. For “The true story” several narratives are linked together and make a portrait of the present:
In a distant land, the rumor goes around that the rulers devour children in solemn banquets. With a special theatrical investigation following the cannibalistic charges, the view of alcohol can be obscured, hallucinating, regaining strength and getting caught up in the conflict of generations, in nepotism and corruption.
Cannibalism as the central motif of “true history” is also a symbol of our contemporary capitalist and colonial society. We are living at the expense of future generations, our children - and they have only 3 options: they rebel, they understand the system and carry it on or they get eaten.
A real fiction with hit music and big costumes.
Further performances on Sat 31.8. at 19: 00h, Mon 2.9. at 11: 00h, Fri 6.9. at 19: 00h, Sat 7.9. at 19: 00h * (with sign translation), Sun 8.9. at 16: 00h * (with audio description), Sat 14.9. at 19: 00h, Sun 15.9. at 16: 00h, Sat 21.9. / 19: 00h * (with conference from 14h), Sun 22.9. at 16: 00h * (with child care).
Admission free. Donations desired. Registration requestedschreiner@jtw-spandau.de or 030-375 876 23.
Further information: https://jtw-spandau.de/die-wahre-geschichte/
BY & WITH Alice Schirmer, Andrea Manke, Esra Meyer, Florian Henning, Gianni Masariè, Joyce Heel, Leon Schley, Malin Hartig, Martina-Malte Rathmann, Maya Witt, Monika of Oertzen, Natalia Matthies, Patryk Witt.
DIRECTOR: Carlos Manuel, STAGE: João Ana, COSTUMES: Verena Hay, TECHNOLOGY: Marvin Wrobel+Gilles Stein+Jens Gerlich, DIVISION ACCOUNT: Li
, PROMOTION: Hauptstadtkulturfonds.

29.08.2019 | por martalanca | Berlim, Theatre