Tarrafal book - 9 days left

Dear friends and colleagues,

The last three weeks since I last wrote you, have been incredible. Tarrafal went on a pre-sale campaign, and in only 14 days, we have reached 100% of the requested funds that will allow the book to go to print. I was both humbled and thrilled that so many people responded and decided to buy advanced signed copies among other exclusive Kickstarter rewards, such as prints and special editions of my previous books Condor and 46750. 

You still have 9 days left to buy advanced copies of Tarrafal in both the English or Portuguese editions, published by GOST and Tinta-da-China respectively. Even if we have already reached the funding goal, your contribution will still be extremely helpful to cover extra costs (including test prints and translation costs to name a few) but also it will provide extra resources to increase the print-run and make the book more accessible to a wider audience, like public libraries and universities. You can find out more about this project by clicking here to see all the details of the Kickstarter campaign. 

Thank you to the more than 160 people who have supported the book. You have already made the past 4 and half years that I have dedicated to Tarrafal, completely worth it! 
Bellow I am sharing with you some of the book spreads:

The Book

284 pages 
76 photographs printed in tritone
86 photographs printed in color
4 fold-outs
2 gate-folds
100 pages of documents and written correspondence
All books and other rewards will be shipped in May 2024. To learn more about this project check out this short video

05.02.2024 | por Nélida Brito | Books, tarrafal