Studies of the Portuguese-Speaking World

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the Ohio State University offers a pioneering interdisciplinary PhD program in Studies of the Portuguese-speaking World. This program constitutes an excellent platform for those interested in developing innovative research projects related to the diverse linguistic, social, and cultural spaces of the Portuguese language, such as the Iberian Peninsula, South America and Sub-Saharan Africa, through a transnational focus that includes articulations with other linguistic and cultural spaces there are relevant within those same regions. 

The ideal candidate is someone with insatiable intellectual curiosity and with training or interest in comparative work, who is willing to take advantage of the strong ties we maintain with the Spanish programs (Iberian and Latin American Studies) offered by the department, and also with those offered by the Department of African-American and African Studies. The study of the cultural production of the African diasporas in the Portuguese-speaking world is one of our priorities. For all these reasons, a strong command of Spanish, as well as English, is a requirement. Furthermore, knowledge of African and/or Amerindian languages — or the willingness to learn them — is a plus, as it allows students to develop productive ties with the interdisciplinary program in Andean and Amazonian Studies that the department also offers. 

The department makes available the technical and financial resources for a five-year course of study (three years of coursework plus two of qualification exams and dissertation, or four years for those who already come with an MA degree) leading to the PhD in Studies of the Portuguese-speaking World. While we encourage every candidate to take the GRE exam, which may qualify them for University fellowships, Graduate Teaching Associateships (GTAs) constitute the most common form of financial support offered by the department. A GTA includes subsidized health insurance, a tuition waiver, and a stipend that is adequate for the cost of living in the city of Columbus. Admitted students will teach one course per semester and receive pedagogical training from the Language Program. Because the number of Portuguese language courses available varies per semester, our GTAs must be prepared to teach Spanish language courses as well, for which they receive adequate training and support. Periodically there may be opportunities available to teach introductory courses to Portuguese and Brazilian cultures, in Portuguese and/or in English. 

In addition to the financial support offered by the department, students may be eligible for competitive university-wide fellowships. Students can also apply for funds for help with conference and research travel. For more information please contact Prof. Pedro Schacht Pereira or the Director of Graduate Studies Prof. Rebeka Campos-AstorkizaTo ensure consideration, please send applications every year by early December. 

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