Photography of West Africa and beyond, 1840 to now: a new website

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This website is dedicated to all African photographers who since the 19th century have profoundly contributed to the visual creation of the continent, as well as to all who are interested in the history of African photography.

AFRICAPHOTOGRAPHY.ORG is offering a platform to all those Institutions and individuals who wish to make public their collections of historical photographs from Africa.

AFRICAPHOTOGRAPHY.ORG aims at being the first place on the internet to go for scholars, specialists, and devotees seeking to offer and exchange information on the history of African photography and African historical photographs.

AFRICAPHOTOGRAPHY.ORG connects institutions and individuals working with and interested in African photography worldwide.

Juerg Schneider
Centre for African Studies
University of Basel
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Concurso criação logotipo para Instituto da África Ocidental

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