Ciclo de seminários 'Memory, Culture and Citizenship in Post-Colonial Nations'

Nation states and self-acclaimed ‘global cities’ increasingly come under pressure to decolonise their commemorative landscapes. Civil society actors and social movements are facing-up to a difficult colonial past that appears strangely absent and yet omni-present.
The CITCOM sub-group Legacies of Empire of the Center for Comparative Studies (Faculty of Art and Humanities, University of Lisbon) is organising a new and interactive seminar cycle entitled ‘Memory, Culture and Citizenship in Post-Colonial Nations’, which will run until the end of the academic year in May, 2023. 
Thought of as an open space for discussion, we invite scholars, city planners, artists and campaigners to examine urban public space, migration experiences, transculturality and contemporary art through a critical postcolonial lens. The series’ trans-disciplinary case-studies reach across Portugal, Europe, Brazil and Luso-Africa.
This first session, “Gentrification and Coloniality of Space in Lisbon”, welcomes António Brito Guterres (Dinâmia-CET, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa) and Eduardo Ascensão (CEG, Universidade de Lisboa) to discuss informal settlements, segregation and post-colonial urbanism in Lisbon. It will be moderated by Ana Rita Alves (CES, Universidade de Coimbra).”

04.11.2022 | por catarinasanto | CITCOM, post-colonial nations, seminário