The Study of Angola:Towards a New Research Agenda (Call for papers)

This Conference will bring together social scientists and historians to discuss the study of modern and contemporary Angola. Organized in partnership with SOCIUS-ISEG, the Economics Faculty of the Technical University of Lisbon, the workshop will include academics from North America and Europe as well as Angola, and will revolve around three major goals:

- Assess the state-of-the-art of Angolan studies

- Delineate a future research agenda that results in both country-specific studies and the inclusion of Angola into cutting-edge comparative research

- Create a network of researchers that will deepen collaborative work

The Conference organizers would welcome papers on the following subject areas with a view to putting together between five and six panel discussions: petroleum and political economy; challenges of postwar reconstruction; the social and political legacies of the war; colonial legacies; and Angola’s international relations. Other themes will also be considered.

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10.04.2011 | por ritadamasio | angola, colonialismo, conferência, politica economica, reconstrução pós guerra