Em Tempo de Erros (1992), Muhammad Chukri


«Procurei o jogo da vida e os seus símbolos, não a sua verdade: a obscuridade e o enigma em vez do claro e do simples, o desconhecido em vez do óbvio, a miragem em vez da água.» 

Em Tempo de Erros (1992), Muhammad Chukri prossegue o duro relato autobiográfico iniciado em Pão SecoNesta história de uma vida no fio da navalha, assistimos aos anos de aprendizagem do autor, à sua crescente obsessão pela leitura, num quotidiano de pobreza e delinquência, e ao advento de um escritor. Entre a família em Tânger e a escola em Laraxe, preenchem os seus dias uma galeria de almas perdidas, amigos e amantes com a marca da loucura e, diz-nos, «bárbaros com quem vivi de noite em estreitas ruelas e tabernas duvidosas». Num país onde «os inteligentes enlouqueceram e deliram pelas ruas, e os que merecem ficar aqui emigraram», Chukri revisita a doença, a idade adulta e as amizades com os marginais estrangeiros atraídos por Tânger, reiterando a impossibilidade de aniquilar os desejos que o movem.

TÍTULO ORIGINAL ﺯﻣﻦ الأخطاء (Zaman al-Akhṭāʾ), TRADUÇÃO DO ÁRABE Hugo Maia, ILUSTRAÇÃO DA CAPA Gonçalo Duarte.

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ARKANE-AFRIKA, International Exhibition of the Art of Africa

1. We have the pleasure to come towards you to suggest joining the session of artistic residence organized by the Association ARKANE. Our ARKANE association, militant association for the art and the sharing of the immaterial heritage of Africa, schedules an artistic residence these next days (Octobre-Novembre on 2018).
The artistic residence takes place at the moment at Sidi Bouknadel (Casablanca - Kenitra, Morocco). The works realized in residence are intended to be exposed within the framework of the events dedicated to the 4th edition of “ARKANE-AFRIKA”, International Exhibition of the Art of Africa, which takes place over several months, in touring in several places and Festivals of Pan-African and international diaspora scales:
- To Dakhla in International FIMA festival of Fashion of Africa from 21 till 24 November 2018
Information: in partnership with FIMA, the association ARKANE, for the promotion of the art and the saving of the cultural heritage, organize:
“ARKANE AFRIKA-DAKHLA”, special edition dedicated in homage to the big artist African stylist ALPHADI.
This exhibition of the contemporary art of Africa calls more than 50 African artists to present more than oeuvres 70 of art.
The event will be held from 21 till 24 November 2018, to Dakhla (Sahara), in concomitance with the FIMA-DAKHLA, International Festival of the African Fashion, introduced by Alphadi to Dakhla,
For that purpose we shall wish to associate you with this big show with high civic connotation and citizenship.
- To Khouribga, International Festival of the Pan-African Cinema in December, 2018
+ more information to come.
2. The Residence Arkane offers to the artists a privileged space of meetings, creation, broadcasting and mediation in the service of the artistic and cultural projects.
The residence ARKANE addresses to international, multidisciplinary artists, who practice in the sphere of the contemporary art, whether it is in the field of the painting, of the sculpture, the design, the installation, etc. …
The artists practicing for at least five years, can apply for a working period in residence. The taken care stays are between 1 week or more according to necessity of the project.
The artists invited by the association Arkane have the opportunity to present and to realize several artistic works within a multicultural environment rich in diversity and in plural and qualitative meetings.
The artists selected and admitted in residence ARKANE will benefit from diverse services, in particular:
· Travel/taken care Flight
· Access to the apartment of residence.
· Half Pension - or Full, according to the convention
· Access to a center/workshop of multidisciplinary creation
· Put at the disposal of products, supplies, materials and accessories necessary for the creation (as far as possible and subject to available tools and material.)
· logistic Support brought by the members of the association
The Arkane association makes a commitment to reserve the best visibility possible for the works of the artist invited in residence through the cycle of exhibitions organized by the association and the tools of promotions which will be realized for that purpose.
3. If you are interested in the participation in this residence which starts from next week , please send us very quickly a presentation of your work, then we will send you the application form to return us duly completed.
Thank you also to specify us quickly your country of departure for the reservation of your flight, as well as the necessity or not to obtain an Entrance visa for Morocco, because the procedure takes time and requires that we get you documents of official invitation.
4. Do not hesitate to follow the following links to discover who is our Arkane association, as well as the events recently organized by the association; the most recent event being the 4th edition of ” ARKANE AFRIKA “: international Exhibition of the Art of Africa in Casablanca.
Page Facebook Association Arkane : https://www.facebook.com/arkane.maroc/
Page Evènement Arkane Afrika - Facebook : https://fr-fr.facebook.com/events/982441765291890/
Album Photo Arkane Afrika 4ème Édition Casablanca Octobre 2018: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1037458403094473&type=1&l=5e241185a6
Youtubes Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvCRyzb5yikjNPR42RALmfg/videos
Twitter / Instagram: #ArkaneAfrika #AssociationArkane
Website => under construction
Mail: association.arkane@gmail.com
We matter on your invaluable implication to make a success together of this beautiful initiative.

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Festival de Résistance et d'Alternatives Maroc

Présentation détaillée du projet


The Festival de Résistance et d’Alternatives (the Festival of Resistance and Alternatives, FRA) offers a place dedicated to innovation, exchange and participation where everyone can express themselves freely. During the festival different independent, non-profit groups, artists and other individuals will organize workshops, debates and artistic happenings.

As activists we have experience in the organization of different cultural and political events. The first edition of the festival was organized in Rabat from 17 to 20 February, precisely one year after the onset of a new social movement in Morocco on the 20th of February 2011. The activities took place in different locations such as the headquarters of the Moroccan Labor Union (Union Marocaine de Travail, UMT) and the Moroccan Association of Human Rights (Association Marocaine des Droits Humains, AMDH), high schools, universities and public spaces. Over a span of four days, we established an atmosphere of sharing through different activities, which included theater and music workshops, conferences, public debates, screenings of films and a photography exhibition.

The second edition was held between 15 and 20 February 2013 in different venues of Rabat. Within the same spirit as the first edition, the second one was characterized by the support and cooperation of a large number of active citizens, artists, activists, social groups and movements such as the Students Union for the Change of the Education System (Union des Étudiants pour le Changement du Système Éducatif, UECSE), Guerilla Cinema, Vegetarians in Morocco (Végétariens au Maroc) as well as others.

The two previous editions have been very successful in terms of participation, exchange of ideas and getting to know people. This year we hope to organize the third edition of the festival.


The FRA is organized by Moroccan artists and activists, some of us are part of a social movement, others are independent. The cooperation of different groups and movements guarantee a successful programming. The four of us are responsible for the crowdfunding campaign:

Simo Alami – I am a freelance set dresser in theater and cinema. I am an activist in the Moroccan Association for Human Rights (l’AMDH) the 20th February movement, Guerilla Cinema and other groups. 

Marike Minnema – I am a freelance trainer of theater of the oppressed. We have a group of theater of the oppressed in Rabat. 

Hamza Mahfoudi – I am a freelance filmmaker and activist in Guerilla Cinema and in the 20th February movement.

Youness Belghazi – I am a freelance filmmaker and activist in Guerilla Cinema and in the 20th February movement.  


The concept of the festival entails creating an “alternative city”. We will set up the scenery of a city; with a parliament, a police station and other places essential to public life. In these different locations, workshop, discussions and artistic happenings will be held with the aim to look critically and creatively at the current social and intuitional practices. The participant are invited to debate and explore alternatives to the current practices in these locations.

MAP of the “Alternative City”:

·Entrance: At the front desk of the festival, visitors can find information about the festival, flyers and a map of the festival grounds.

·Hospital: The hospital will be home to workshops and discussion about the body and its social representations as well as the Moroccan health care system.

·Parliament: In this parliament it is the citizens themselves that debate legislative and political decisions.

·Police station: The police station is a place to reflect on violence, power and security. At the same time the organizers occupying the police station will be responsible for the security issues at the festival and for a lost and found.

·Market: This market offers an alternative to the normal market. Every participant is invited to bring stuff they don’t need which they can swop for other things at festival market. There will also be food stands selling cheap and healthy food.

·School: What is the history of the Moroccan schooling system? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the current system? How many languages can a child learn at the same time? Learn about learning and feel free to disagree with your ‘teacher’ in this alternative school.

. Streets: The streets form the space between the above mentioned spaces. The ‘streets’ will be the background of street theater, flash mobs and spontaneous discussion.

À quoi servira la collecte ?

It is very important that Moroccan citizens engage in a free and creative search for alternatives to the current situation. Since the political uprising in 2011 the youth of the 20th February movement in Morocco has organized several action to stimulate creative and critical thinking. One of these actions has been the FRA in 2012 and 2013. In 2014 we want to organize the third edition of this festival. We need your help to make it happen.


Communication                                                                                 €150,00

Accommodation artists and organizers         

Transportation artists from Morocco                                              €300,00

Transportation artists from outside Morocco                            €1.500,00

Transportation organizers                                                               €200,00

Printing: posters, streamers programs, stickers                          €300.00

T-shirt of the festival (t-shirts and printing)                                   €400,00

Decor                                                                                               €1.000,00

Sound and light                                                                              €2.000,00

Catering                                                                                             € 600,00

Logistic needs for workshops and other activities                      €850,00

Profession printing photographs exhibition                                 €500,00

SUB-TOTAL                                                                                    €7.800.00

Unforeseen 10%                                                                              €780,00

Costs crowd funding and rewards                                              €1000,00

TOTAL                                                                                            € 9.580.00


podem ver aqui página do crowdfunding e aqui 

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Arts in Marrakech Biennale 2012

Arts in Marrakech Biennale is pleased to announce the dates for the 4th Edition of Arts in Marrakech Biennale, 29 February–4 March with the Main Visual Arts Exhibitions running from the 29 February–3 June.

Arts in Marrakech works to form cultural bridges and dialogues creating a forum for debate, free thinking and the exchange of ideas through contemporary Visual Art, Literature and Film. The opening 5 days will be titled Surrender and will consist of Performances, Debates, Talks and Screenings as well as the opening of the Main Visual Arts Exhibition.

Higher Atlas will be the title of the Main Visual Arts Exhibition and The Arts In Marrakech organizing committee is proud to announce the appointment of Nadim Samman and Carson Chan as curators of the Exhibition. It will be held for the first time at the historic El Badi Palace and throughout the former Imperial city. The exhibition will be open for three months.



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Festival international de documentaire à Agadir

9-13 novembre, Agadir, Marroque

Premier Festival marocain entièrement dédié au Documentaire, le FIDA DOC a trois ans. Il a fait ses preuves, imposant le documentaire comme un genre cinématographique à part entière, qui aujourd’hui, trouve sa place dans d’autres manifestations nationales.
Le FIDA DOC a acquis une véritable reconnaissance à l’International, nouant des partenariats avec les festivals et marchés de Documentaires les plus importants au Monde.
Pour cette troisième édition, dans la continuité de son engagement citoyen, le FIDA DOC se rend dans les universités avec une programmation destinée aux étudiants et investit plusieurs espaces de la ville d’Agadir, avec notamment une exposition photographique consacrée aux enfants du monde entier.
Le FIDA DOC donnera aussi l’occasion à de jeunes réalisateurs marocains l’occasion de rejoindre le réseau de production, de diffusion et de formation, que nous avons l’ambition de constituer avec nos homologues Africains, Arabes et Euro Méditerranéens.
Le FIDA DOC grandit, il doit aujourd’hui trouver les moyens nécessaires et pérennes pour continuer d’assurer sa mission : offrir à tous les Marocains des fenêtres ouvertes sur le Monde.
Avec conviction et rigueur, l’A.C.E.A et toute l’équipe du FIDA DOC oeuvrent pour le Partage et la Convivialité.


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