Afrika 50 year inDependence

21st to 24th of October - 2010 FESTIVAL

Hamburg / Germany

Edition 1 - Africa : Independence Development Migration

Cinema - Photography - Lecture - Conference

This year, 17 African countries are celebrating 50 years of independence from France, Belgium, Germany and Great Britain. We too wish to celebrate the formation of Africa’s nations, in all its historical complexity, by organising an event in Hamburg, where the presence of 25 000 Africans and the willingness of the German population to get to know these Africans, now in their second – even third – generation, give it a particular meaning. During the four days of the festival – taking place for the first time – the organisers propose to present films and photographs in the presence of the directors and photographers. In addition, an evening of “readings” and a conference linked to the themes of the festival will be held. Throughout the event, photographs in large format will hang in the streets of the area in which the festival is taking place, seeking to ‘go out and meet’ the local population.

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