Call for Stories: Afro-Futures in European Cities

CAll:  “Afro-Futures in European Enclaves: Stories of Care Labor and its Space Making Powers”.

Recently selected for the Future Architecture Platform 2021. There must be a future where African European communities get the right to share, shape, and shake the cities and neighbourhoods where we live.
Bristol statue plinth recently changed after #BlackLivesMatter protest.Bristol statue plinth recently changed after #BlackLivesMatter protest.
In her recent book, Olivette Otelle (2020) proposed the term ‘African European’ as “a provocation for those who deny that one can have multiple identities and even citizenships, as well as those who claim that they do not ‘see colour’.” Renowned historian and professor, she adds that this term is also an “invitation to rethink the way we use and read European and African histories and define terms, such as citizenship, social cohesion and fraternity, that have been the basis of contemporary European societal values.”  (Otelle, 2020, p.8)

With this in mind, we invite African Europeans to share their experiences in the context of the Future Architecture Programme in 2021, and be represented in a forthcoming exhibition and/or publication (digital/physical). Please email us a picture (from your phone) of a meaningful object or a place in the city you live(d), together with a short summary (50-200 words) of a story you would like to share, to the following email address: < >.  

Statue of black protester in Bristol plinth, later removed Statue of black protester in Bristol plinth, later removed

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