The Bells Break Down Their Tower

Ana Rita Canhão 5-26.11.2016

commented by: Eduardo Marques da Costa
opening: Saturday, 5th November 2016, 7 p.m.

“Ana Rita Canhão’s The Bells Break Down Their Tower is a complex artistic reality where art serves as bridge between past and present, and where history and collective memory are the starting point for a reflection on present day collective dilemmas.
As the title suggests the whole concept of the exhibition is based on a tension between the tower, or the institutions, and those that are caught by the power structure of the institutions. The artist ponders on how propaganda is used to indoctrinate individuals and on how these individuals relate with such propaganda in an active or passive way. The role of the individuals is seen not only as that of a receiver of information and conditioning but also as that of transmitter and carrier of the message, either in a voluntary or involuntary way.”

Ler sobre Terra Prometida no BUALA.

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