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Two hours with Ben Morea and Dave Wise:

Ben Morea was fantastic listening for anyone of my age. Modest, funny, self deprecating but poltically astute. He coveredeveryone from Abbie hoffman to valerie Solanos and H Rap brown. After the murder of the panthers fearing for his own life he’d fled into the forests for 35 years. Two things stood out. The Motherfuckers were slated by radical artists for being too interested in politics and by polticos for being too interested in art. But Ben wanted a total revolution – an all embracing group of the kind you don’t get anymore. they recfused to be pigeon holes – they wante ‘the totality for kids’ Ben was also very warm and generousspirted to people he disagreed with. He’s say how much he disagreed with say Abbie hoffman and then dd disarmingly ‘i loved him’ Maybe that generosity could be replicated now. He also dismissed the ‘dogma’ of the situationists saying the Motherfuckrs wanted to fuck things up not wallow in dogmatic pronouncements. ‘I’m the only person to be expelled from the SI who was never a member in the first place’ he said.he also spoke touchingly about the waifs and strays and nutters who the Mothefucker family took in and looked after ‘it was a violent place the lower east side’ he reminded us. One such was Valerie Solanas who had shared a house with Ben and who later applauded her assasinaton attempt on warhol – ‘thats when the art radicals fell out with us’ he laughed. Someone asked him ‘What do you think of Banksy?’ Ben looke quizzical not understanding the queston….He’d never heard of Banksy.

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