"Examining Mozambican Visual Culture: Political Implications in Distinct Artistic Expressions"

Seeking 4th panelist for session proposal “Examining Mozambican Visual Culture:  Political Implications in Distinct Artistic Expressions” to be submitted to ACASA for ASA Annual Meeting in Washington, 2011. 
This session explores the political implications in Mozambican visual culture. We are seeking papers focusing on the potency of Mozambican expressive visual culture by examining different artistic representations, illustrating different spatial and temporal moments in the history of Mozambique.  Examining these art forms individually and as a group underscores how and why the strength of Mozambican visual culture is directly influenced by Mozambique’s protracted history of conflict and how highly charged political implications define the Mozambican visual culture discussed here. 
Please send proposed paper titles and abstracts ASAP directly to zott@ufl.edu.
Amy Schwartzott
University of Florida
H-Net Network for African Expressive Culture

22.02.2011 | par martalanca | Mozambican visual culture