Violence, everything at once

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an Albatross is standing at my window
the Albatross says I’m a fantasy collector
a dream chaser collecting disappointment
wandering the vague room of solitude
trying to spit a fish out of my mind
eating alien dreams on an empty stomach

I’ve got wings flying inside my mouth
I’ve got fingers pointing out of my eyes
like everybody else; paying for violence
small ordinary objects. we can’t do that
insects, pills, light bulbs, silhouettes

portraits, “oh!, we look terrible!”
that’s where we stand, no more pictures
a series of flying electric chairs
killing people, political affairs, guns!
can you imagine all that?
paintings of Moses, silver and gloves
an Albatross flying off of my window
not dying, fading far into the distance

02.06.2011 | par herminiobovino | violence