Unforgettable (you!)

Curated by Inês Valle I opening: 17.NOV | 6 pm17. I Nov. 017 - 19. Jan. 2018

This art Exhibition that focus on how tattoo art can have a impact in someone’s life. As a form of self confidence, identity, an exhibition will present multiple layers of understanding and reflecting about the subject, from modern sex slavery, tribal marks, auto confidence, tattoo&science…etc.

The famous Tattoo Artist Chaim Machlev (Israel) will present an unique video body mapping tattooed.
Joana Choumali (Ivory Coast) with the awarded photo project “Hââbré, the last generation” 
Chibuike Uzoma (Nigeria) with his series of self-portraits
Christophe Beauregard (France) showing for the 1st time in UK his series Pentimento, that was shown this year in Arles Photo Festival and will be at in Paris during Paris Photo.
Also for the 1st time, Survivor’s INK will disclose to the public their archive, that contains more than 100 photos of women that received a tattoo to cover the marks of being trafficked and Statements that reflect the impact of tattoo in their lives ,along to other documents.
Also for the 1st time inside of an Art Space the Documentary: Rebranded: how Survivors Ink is erasing the marks of the US sex trafficking industry “done by Almudena Toral, Annie Kelly and Claudine Spera for the Guardian. 
Projects that will disclose powerful and real stories of human trafficking survivors and how tattoo art can have a bigger purpose in someone’s skin. 
Also, on the 17th November: Survivor’s Ink and human trafficking survivors will be having a conversation at the gallery, disclosing what they do and how their work have been impacting peoples lives. Also the musician Scott McFarnon will perform the music “Crazy Heart” that is inspired in Jennifer’s life as a survivor of human trafficking. 
The Artists and Survivor’s INK will only be in London for 3 days, and I feel that is such an important theme, that unfortunately many people still aren’t aware, and  I would love to reach as many people as possible.

Muse, Christophe BeauregardMuse, Christophe BeauregardDarkness, Christophe BeauregardDarkness, Christophe Beauregard

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