The Impossible Music Sessions - Baloberos Crew

The Impossible Music Sessions were created by founder Austin Dacey to give a voice to artists in countries plagued by censorship, and lacking freedom of speech. In this session NJ/NYC hip hop artist Hasan Salaam brings the music of Guinea Bissau’s (West Africa) Baloberos Crew to life in Brooklyn, NY, while the Baloberos appear live via the Internet. In 2009, members of the Baloberos crew were jailed, beaten, and threatened for two days because of their song “7 Minutes of Truth”. The song was a brutally honest and heartfelt depiction of the corruption, violence, and instability plaguing their country. It came at a time when their current President was assassinated by members of his own military. Hip hop has become many different things. However, at its core, it remains to be a voice for the voiceless. The goal of the Impossible Music Sessions is to insure that voice is always heard, despite those who will kill to keep it silenced. Please support the movement and share this video. Thank you.

07.06.2011 | par martalanca | Baloberos Crew, Guiné Bissau, hip hop