Call for Contributions: savvy | art.contemporary.african. journal.

Call for Contributions for the 4th edition of savvy with the title: “Curating: Expectations and Challenges”

What are the prominent issues of display and curating that inform and condition exhibition making? Which curatorial concepts (past or current) do you consider seminal and which improvable? Where and how do artists position themselves in exhibitions authored by curators and can artistic knowledge be implemented as method of curating ? What are the relations between artists, curators, public and institutions? Is there a cognizable methodology in curating Contemporary African Art exhibitions with regard to Western or Non-Western curators? How do non-governmental art project spaces on and beyond the continent influence and revolutionize the trajectories of curatorial practices? Can the curator effectively serve as broker or facilitator between art and audience?

Deadline: 01. July 2012    

10.05.2012 | par franciscabagulho | Contemporary African Art