Cacique'97 - Apresentação do novo álbum ∣ B.Leza

Os Cacique´97 têm um novo disco. Chama-se “We used to be Africans” e sai dia 11 de Novembro. A festa de lançamento está marcada para o dia 17 de Novembro no B.Leza em Lisboa. 

Sobre o novo disco: “Cacique’97 are back with a new album! “We Used To Be Africans” is the debut single that gives its name to the album; the second album of Cacique 97 claims the afrobeat as his intervention vehicle. We used to be Africans is the manifesto of the search for a cultural identity without borders, with a view of the present, It aims to be a testimony for future generations. In the second studio work, the band uses energy income African funk and african-Lusophone grooves, accompanied by intervention letters that are World pictures in the XXI century and Contemporary Africa. Released on CD and VINYL, “We used to be africans” has special guests: Nneka, Jorge Du Peixe, Azagaia and Nástio Mosquito”.

Entrada 8€
Entrada com CD 15€
Entrada com VINIL 20€

15.11.2016 | par marianapinho | B.Leza, Cacique'97, We Used to Be Africans