Plantation Europe: Summer School

Sponsored by The Colour of Labour (ERC AdG 695573) Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Universidade de Lisboa

Convener: Cristiana Bastos, PI, The Colour of Labour

Partners: Associação Terra Batida, Associação Batoto Yetu Portugal, Buala

Logistics: Mari Lo Bosco, adm. The Colour of Labour



10h00 Opening Session Batoto Yetu, Terra Batida and The Colour of Labour

10h30 Plantation, labor, racializations: an historical and anthropological overview Cristiana Bastos, ICS – ULisboa, The Colour of Labour

11h00 Coffee break

11h30 African enslaved labor and Asian indentured labor: a view from Guyana and the Caribbean Marcelo Moura Mello, UFBA, The Colour of Labour

12h00 The persistence of the plantation: food circuits and migrant labor Seth Holmes, U Berkeley, The Colour of Labour, FoodCircuits

12h30 Lunch Break

14h00 Plantations and cropscapes: the case of rice Tiago Saraiva, Drexel U, The Colour of Labour 14h30 African knowledge and rice cultivation in the Sado region Pedro Varela, CES, U Coimbra Ricardo Ventura, CLEPUL / CEG-UAb

15h00 Break

15h30 The memory of malaria in the rice fields of Alcácer Moónica Saavedra, CRIA – U Coimbra

16h00 The precarious lives of rice workers in Alcácer-Comporta Pedro Prista, CRIA – ISCTE


Guided field trip to the Sado region, Alcácer, Comporta, rice estates, and landmarks of African memory


9h30 Guidelines for the final report Convener and enrolled students

10h00 Alentejo: An historical-anthropological approach to latifundia, class stratification and change in the Alto Alentejo José Sobral, ICS - ULisboa

10h45 Coffee Break

11h00 Raiva (Sérgio Tréfaut POR/FRA/BRA, 2018, 84 min) Film screening followed by debate

13h00 Lunch Break

14h30 Olives, almonds and water: current trends of unsustainability Pedro Prista, CRIA – ISCTE

15h00 Migrants in the greenhouses: Odemira and the global circuits of capital and labor Catarina Barata, DANT – ICS - ULisboa, Associação Terra Batida Kishor Subba Limbu, DANT- ICS - ULisboa, The Colour of Labour

15h30 Coffee break

16h00 Art and Activism in the Pantationoscene Oil Dourado (Andre Paxiuta) Superintensivo (Marta Lança) Eu nasci aqui, eu sou de cá (Fernando Antunes Amaral) Songs From Another Eden (Sohel Rahman John)


Guided field trip to the Alentejo, visit to iconic estates and current landscape transformations, Montemor, Évora, Monsaraz, Alqueva


10h00 Reports from the field visits Students break into groups and produce reports on the field visits; collective discussion on the reports

12h30 Lunch break

14h00 The winescapes of Douro and the making of Port as a commodity José Sobral, ICS - ULisboa Marta Macedo, ICS - ULisboa, The Colour of Labour

15h00 The plantationoscene: an overview Tiago Saraiva, U Drexel, The Colour of Labour Marta Macedo, ICS - ULisboa, The Colour of Labour

15h30 Final discussion

All participants

Optional field trips:

FRIDAY JULY 1: departure for Porto for overnight (self-pay); alternative: departure for Odemira (self-pay)

SATURDAY JULY 2: guided field visit to Porto and Douro – optional, self-pay

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