Georges Adéagbo, The Mission and the Missionaries, MUSAC, Leon

Curator: Octavio Zaya, with the collaboration of Stephan Köhler
MUSAC, the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León (León, Spain), presents The Mission and the Missionaries, the first individual exhibition in Spain by African artist Georges Adéagbo (Cotonou, Benin, 1942).

The work of Adéagbo is characterized by the combination of diverse objects and texts, which he commissions, collects, or finds in Cotonou, where he lives, and in the areas around the particular places where he presents his exhibitions, León in this case. But Adeágbo’s work is not so much about the plurality (of objects and texts) as it is about the difficult problems, complexities and negotiations of accumulation and consumption, translations and transformations, relations, proximities, and displacements. There is usually a central theme that connects all the elements of the “assemblage” and the way he devises the execution of the installation, and sets the tension between the visual and the verbal, the images and the texts, always juxtaposing cultural objects and aesthetic genres, diverse and distinct genealogies and provenances that involve the experience of the spectator.

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17.02.2011 | par franciscabagulho | arte contemporânea, Georges Adéagbo