"Guinea-Bissau: Micro-State to 'Narco-State", organizado por Patrick Chabal

disponível em Amazon a partir de 31 de Março. conta com a participação de vários autores entre os quais:
Part one: Historical Fragilities
1. Dimensions of Historical ethnicity in the Guinea-Bissau Region
Toby Green
2. Guinea-Bissau’s Colonial and Post-Colonial Political institutions
Joshua B. Forrest
3. Guinea-Bissau’s Rural economy and society: a reassessment of
colonial and Post-Colonial Dynamics
Philip J. Havik
Part two: Manifestations of the crisis 
4. Rural Livelihoods and social stability in Guinea-Bissau: The end of an era?
Marina Padrão Temudo and Manuel Bivar Abrantes
5. History, Mixture, Modernity: Religious Pluralism in Guinea-Bissau Today
Ramon Sarró and Miguel de Barros
6. Gendered Patterns of Migration and Changing Gender Relations in Guinea-Bissau
Aliou Ly
7. The Guinean Diaspora after 1998
José Lingna Nafafé
Part three: Political consequences of the crisis 
8. ethnicity and the Political system Post-1998
Christoph Kohl
9. Global Geopolitics and the Failure of securitization in Guinea-Bissau
Simon Massey
10. The‘narco-state’andtheimpactoninstitutionsinGuinea-Bissau and
Countries in the sub-Region
Hassoum Ceesay
Toby Green

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