Southern Thoughts on a Northern Biennale - podcast by Laura Burocco

Observations and reflections on the European and North American art world from the perspective of Southern Hemisphere artists and art practitioners, with a focus on the Venice Biennale. A critical examination of the resurgence of interest in African art and explores issues around representation, inclusion, power imbalances, and ongoing coloniality in the global art world.

EPISODE 1 | An Overview of the Path of the Venice Biennale - inception to the entry of actors from the South

EPISODE 2 | African Art in the Global Market

EPISODE 3 | A Remarkable Achievement 


Acaye Kerunen, artist Uganda Pavilion

Afroscope, artist Ghana Pavilion

Ame Bel, curator South African Pavilion

Anonymous Namibian Artist

Anonymous Pavilion’s assistant

The Botswana Pavillion

Collin Sekajugo, artist Uganda Pavilion

Diego Araúja, Brazilian artist Ghana Pavilion

Fadzai Muchemwa, curator Zimbabwean Pavilion

Katya García-Antón, co- curator Sámi Pavilion

Na Chainkua Reindorf, artist Ghana Pavilion

Phumulani Ntuli, artist South African Pavilion

Robel Temesgen, Ethiopian artist part of the African Art in Venice Forum

Roger Ballen, artist South African Pavilion

Shaheen Merali, curator Uganda Pavilion

Solange Pessoa, Brazilian artist part of the main exhibition

Content production: Laura Burocco 

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