Pictures trying to eat us

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underpants off!
all the governments of the planet Saturn are aiming for death and glory.
it’s a heresy subversed in the way of some kind of Eastern erotic philosophy.
judges are kindly rewarded, fresh, human-like creatures, for their utmost sick fantasies.
meanwhile, sex and free will are hidden in candlelit, while God flies in a bubble.
sin is a secret, but you can get one anywhere for the cheapest price.
“no need to worry.”, the Pope says, “the goat is hanging on a leash.”
there’s a fish in the river trying to swim for it’s own peace of mind.
a tabloid is showing off a picture of a tailless dog barking out loud.
Jesus can be seen standing high on a cliff, reading the Bible and eating an apple.
a baby has given birth two baby twins in an open market, in the middle of nowhere.
teachers are no longer teachers. they are now priests and they despise celibacy.
they’re against moral and hidden sex. they’re now indulging on alcohol, drugs and free sex.
there’s no science nor scientists. the last scientist died of heart failure at the age of six.
an old magician has set a fire somewhere, and Egyptian camels are trying to fight it off.

15.06.2010 | par herminiobovino | Science