Rethinking Africa’s Transcontinental Continuities in Pre- and Protohistory

The African Studies Centre is organizing a conference in Leiden, The Netherlands, on 12 and 13 April 2012 to mark the retirement of Prof. Wim van Binsbergen after 35 years as a senior researcher at the ASC. We would like to invite those of you who are interested in presenting a paper to submit an abstract and title by 15 September 2011. These should be sent to Marieke van Winden:


this conference is open to Africanists, archaeologists, linguists, geneticists, comparative mythologists, comparative anthropologists / ethnologists, palaeoanthropologists, historians, classicists, Egyptologists, Assyriologists, Mediterraneanists, Afrocentrists, and to any scholars who propose to make an original and path-breaking contribution to the topic


Kind regards,Marieke van Winden 
African Studies Centre  P.O. Box 9555  2300 RB Leiden  The Netherlands 

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