Research Film Festival 2011-2012 - Call for Applications

The Canadian-based Research Network “Slavery, Memory, Citizenship”, the European network of EURESCL: Slave Trade, Slavery, Abolition and their Legacies in European Histories and Identities (7th PCRD), and the CIRESC “Centre International de Recherches sur les Esclavages, Acteurs, Systèmes, Representations” are pleased to announce their fourth annual international research film festival and welcomes submissions that address the realities of slavery in its past and contemporary forms.

The theme for Festival 2011-2012 is once again “Culture, Diaspora, and Citizenship”.


The fourth edition of the festival will begin in May 2011 and will travel to locations that include:

- Paris (May 2011)
- Mexique, Mexico City
- Veracruz, Mérida, Chetumal
- Dakar
- Abidjan, Cotonou, Lomé, Ngaoundéré
- Port au Prince
- Havanna, Santiago de Cuba
- Ouagadougou
- Rio de Janeiro (November 2011)
- Quebec/Toronto (February 2012)

The Toronto version of the festival will be hosted by the Harriet Tubman Institute.



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