CHIMURENGA principal award presented to pan-african magazine

Her Majesty the Queen, HRH Prince Willem Alexander and HRH Princess Máxima, HRH Prince Friso, HRH Princess Mabel, HRH Prince Constantijn and HRH Princess Laurentien attended the presentation of the Prince Claus Awards on Wednesday 14 December in the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. HRH Prince Constantijn presented the Principal Prince Claus Award 2011 to the first Pan African magazine Chimurenga, which plays an important role in breaking taboos throughout the continent. Ten other artists, thinkers, journalists and organisations from countries that include Tibet/China, Zimbabwe and Kazakhstan were also  honoured for their dedication to culture and development.

Upon presenting the Principal Prince Claus Award 2011, Prince Constantijn said: ‘The independent mind, daring to aspire for change and inspiring others, is what is feared most by oppressive governments. Why? Because people can truly make a difference by showing civil courage. This was a bit of a mantra for my father. After living under two dictatorships in Germany and in the Dominican Republic, he was convinced of people’s duty to show ‘Zivil Courage’.

In remembering him, we celebrate today: the courage to speak up, to perform, and express. The Prince Claus  Awards provide a stage to acknowledge the exceptional work of organisations and people who make a real difference. They contribute to culture, and through culture. In doing so, they offer - in their own small or grand manner - new pathways for hope and development.’ 


04.01.2012 | par martalanca | CHIMURENGA, panafricanism