The international and peer-reviewed journal Afrika Focus encourages Africanists with all kinds of research interests to submit an article for a special issue dedicated to and entitled ‘Lusophone Africana’.
Although no disciplines are excluded and the focus is only regionally bound, preference will be given to articles highlighting features specific to lusophone-African societies and cultures, ranging from political processes, (diasporic) popular cultures to health systems and natural environments/ecology/indigenous knowledge systems.
Deadline of submission is mid 2012. Any submission date earlier than that is appreciated. Publication of the issue is scheduled for end 2012.  The submissions will be refereed by Afrika Focus and a jointly edited introduction coordinated by prof dr Koen Stroeken (UGent) has been planned.
The submission address is

Journal Afrika Focus
Afrika Focus is an interdisciplinary journal dealing with Africa. Afrika Focus is an open access journal which is published biannually and subject to international peer-review.
As of January 2008 Afrika Focus is co-published by the Ghent Africa Platform (GAP) and Afrika Brug, the organisation which has been publishing the journal for twenty years. Afrika Focus was first published in 1985 and replaced the AVRUG-bulletin which in 1978 replaced the Nieuwsbulletin van de Afrika-Vereniging van de Rijksuniversiteit Gent. The latter first appeared in 1972.

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