Afrofuture now! Milano

afrofutureforget what you think you know about africa, the world’s second-largest continent is journeying to new frontiers. come face to face with this inspiring vision as you adventure with la rinascente into an afrofuturist design culture.

Afrofuture now! wednesday 10 april | 18:00 - 19:00 [La Rinascente, na Piazza dell Duomo]

Meet 10 of africa’s thinking elite in non-stop quick-fire presentations that introduce the tech, architectural, artistic, and experimental stories behind the rise of africa. brought to you by inspirational innovators from all over africa, speakers include technologist and social entrepreneur mariéme jamme, architect kunle adeyemi, design indaba founder ravi naidoo, artist cyrus nganga and design director of maker faire africa, jennifer wolfe. hosted by writer and journalist hannah pool.

Afrikea, Il Diavolo - Party In The Afrofuture By paulo moreira + pedro coquenão feat. batida dj set thursday 11 april | 19:00 - 22:00  [La Rinascente, na Piazza dell Duomo]

Lisbon and luanda collaborate on a portuguese-angolan mash-up musical performance for afrofuture. wrapping the whole stage structure in angolan motifs will set the scene pedro coquenão and paulo moreira unleash the party.

10.04.2013 | par franciscabagulho | arquitectura, design, dj