Dockanema 2011

Dockanema 2011 This year, as we embark on the sixth edition of Dockanema, my purpose is also one of remembrance, so that we do not forget the importance of documentaries in our society, and above all in our collective memory. To reaffirm this purpose once more, there could be no better choice for the opening of the 6th Dockanema than the Patrício Guzman film Nostalgia da Luz, in an edition intended to pay homage to the master filmmaker Ruy Guerra.


07.09.2011 | by Pedro Pimenta

Dockanema 2010

Dockanema 2010 Since its launch, the DOCKANEMA Festival has aimed to offer the different audiences in Maputo the twin opportunities of becoming acquainted with the best that is being produced in the world of documentary films and of taking a break from the run-of-the mill audiovisual diet that is available for the rest of the year.


20.09.2010 | by Pedro Pimenta

África is a woman's name

África is a woman's name "Our Forbidden Places", an extraordinary documentary by Leila Kilani, returns to the political repression in Morocco in the time of Hassan II. Three generations of Moroccans evoke a completely human story of heroism and fortitude. Belying their serenity, all the characters form a perfect picture of Morocco today –they are still frightened by memories of being “buried alive” in Tazmamart prison and of countless cries of despair that few dared even to listen to. "Our Forbidden Places" is not really a film about a particular country, but rather it echoes all human memories of torment by extreme forms of state violence, be it blind or selective.


06.06.2010 | by Boubacar Boris Diop