“Don’t kill my mother!”

“Don’t kill my mother!” We walked down the Avenue with hundreds of people shouting, «Rabble united will never be forgotten», or would it be «Rabble forgotten always united»?, «our fight is every day, against racism and xenophobia». Cláudia Simões, another Black woman beaten, her face destroyed in a rear-naked choke, in which the lion was PSP police officer Carlos Canha who attacked her in front of her desperate daughter, watching her mother's despair. Listening to her mother scream: “He wants to pierce my eye.” Listening to the irascible policeman: “Bite, bite, bite,” “these people don’t know the laws” or “you’ll get hit with a bullet.” And the girl begging: “Don’t kill my mother!”


12.06.2024 | by Marta Lança