Bolsa Graca Nachel_Application for Graca Machel South Africa Scholarship starting 2011_prazo - 1 Junho , Agosto e Dezembro 2010


The key aim of the Graça Machel Scholarship Programme is to help provide the human resources necessary for economic, social and cultural development in the southern African region and to develop an educated and skilled workforce that can benefit the wider community. Scholarships that target women have long been recognized as an effective approach in addressing gender equality and eradicating poverty. By providing opportunities to study at postgraduate level, these scholarships aim to empower women and to equip them to take up leadership positions in order to have a direct impact in the communities, nations and region in which they live.

The Graça Machel Scholarships Programme will provide a minimum of 60 postgraduate scholarships to female students from Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland and South Africa in both South Africa and the UK. The majority of the scholarships will be for study in South Africa.


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