STONED - Remembering the 80s

This very special exibition will open in Cape Town next Thursday 27th - Freedom Day - at 17:30 at the Association for Visual Arts, and reunites many old and good friends, rummaging through our unusual learning curve together. It will reveal some of the images we produced in the 80s at that very specific time of laying down political roots. As  Cheryl Traub-Adler says “it will take many years for us to be able to grow past and through those tumultuous times in Southern Africa’s history”.
 I am still so proud to line up with this group of artists who probably still represent my critical base.
If you happen to be in Cape Town on Freedom Day, please join the celebrations. There will be live music!


27.04.2023 | by mariadias | arte, Cape Town, exposição, remembering the 80s, stoned