On the 20 th anniversary of Provincializing Europe (open)

Dipesh Chakrabarty’s Provincializing Europe – Postcolonial Thought and Historical Difference (2000) has significantly challenged the limits of European enlightenment and of the modern forms of knowledge associated with it. The book animated debates concerning historicism, the code of history, the writing of history, the politics of time, as well as the questioning of categories central to social and political theory, such as modernity, universalism, capitalism, difference, subjectivity, Man.

On the 20th anniversary of Provincializing Europe, the journal Práticas da História – Journal on Theory, Historiography and Uses of the Past welcomes articles and essays which directly or indirectly explore, develop or criticize Chakrabarty’s arguments, for instance his view that the concepts and strategies developed by modern European knowledge are both indispensable and inadequate in representing different life-worlds.

Pieter van Laer, The Flagellants (c. 1635), Munich, Alte PinakothePieter van Laer, The Flagellants (c. 1635), Munich, Alte Pinakothe

The journal also welcomes articles and essays discussing the impact of the book on intellectual and disciplinary traditions such as Subaltern Studies, Marxism, Imperial History, Global History and Transnational History, as well as its place in Chakrabarty’s trajectory from his early studies on the Bengali working class to his writings on the climate of history and the Anthropocene.
At the same time, this call is an opportunity to encourage analysis, reflection and debate on the impact of Postcolonial Theory in the discipline of History in different parts of the world.
The articles and essays accepted for publication will be published in the issue of Práticas da História to be released in the end of 2020. The issue will also include an interview with Dipesh Chakrabarty.

The articles and essays must be submitted no later than the 5th of June 2020.Only articles and essays submitted according to the journal’s guidelines will be considered for publication: http://www.praticasdahistoria.pt/en/submissions/submission-guidelines/

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