Broken Dreams. Africa 1960-2010

From September 30th to October 20th, 2010, the CCCB-Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona presents lectures and screenings analyzing the 50 years that have gone by since the dawning of independent African countries.

 “Between 27 April and 28 November 1960, seventeen states came into being in the continent of Africa (to be followed by another fifteen in the remaining years of the decade), in most cases after a long struggle for independence. After almost a century of colonial domination and oppression, high hopes and independence-fuelled dreams held out a short-lived taste of nirvana. Yet, very soon, the hopes were to be frustrated and the dreams betrayed. On the one hand, most of the new African leaders gave priority to their own political and economic interests and those of small elite groups over and above those of society in general. On the other, the former colonial powers had secured a prolongation of their economic and political privileges, thus suspending the new states in a situation of conditioned, closely-monitored freedom. Fifty years on, the after-effects are dramatic. Nevertheless, there are also signs suggesting that a new phase may be opening up, still turbulent and confused, but holding out new prospects. Perhaps more difficult to betray.”

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26.09.2010 | by luisestevao | barcelona