Ephemeral Landscapes I LISBON

10th December’15 – 20th January’16 | Galeria Quadrum, Lisbon

[exhibition and symposium] 

A Delicate Zone of Commitment [exhibition]

Opening: 10th December, 06:00 pm

10th December’15  - 20th January’16

Dialogues with Ruy Duarte de Carvalho [symposium]

10th and 11th December’15

Five years after the death of Ruy Duarte de Carvalho (1941- 2010), one of the greatest Portuguese-speaking writers, the program EPHEMERAL LANDSCAPES (title of one of his unfinished projects) consists of an exhibition and a symposium in Lisbon.

The symposium DIALOGUES WITH RUY DUARTE DE CARVALHO aims to revisit the diversity of Carvalho’s work, which has always explored both the particularity of the places he dwelt and the continuous transhumance that characterized his life trajectory and thought. Less an homage than a starting point for a joint reflection on his eminently critical thinking, this symposium also intends to provide a pretext for the rereading of a body of work that challenged boundaries between places, genres and knowledges. It brings together researchers and personalities from Brazil, Angola and Portugal who investigate the work of Ruy Duarte de Carvalho and engage with related topics (see program).

The exhibition A DELICATE ZONE OF COMMITMENT follows the anthropologist, filmmaker and writer’s path, as well as other dimensions that emerge from the diversity of his materials and creative process. From the legacy left by the author, we embarked on a labyrinth of confluences in which photographs, videos, texts, sketches, manuscripts, objects, drawings, watercolors and plans map the singular logic between thinking and making. The exhibition is designed through a long voyage: from Southern Africa to Brazil, from Angola’s post‐independence to the author’s interior exile, from the desert to the sea, from his obsessions to his hesitations, from family commitments to a demanding loneliness, from the long war to the analysis of its implications, from his detailed field diaries to the mirror game between observer and observed.

We followed the trails of his methodical and eye-opening research and, as we unfolded the legacy of a lifetime, we became perplexed with the trace of so many paths. We were also enchanted with the backstage of his work. Through his initial, temporary and final plans, we could see how ideas were born, grew and  changed. His work processes are shaped by the incessant search for the word, phrase, stroke or most fertile image that consolidates the widest premise of his thought in his texts, books, films and drawings.

We were also interested in the effects of time, incorporating the accidents of a lifetime: unfinished ideas, materials altered over the years, ruined photograms, moth-eaten sheets of paper. These details added by time remind us that unfinished, abandoned or published work can either be remade or turned into a beginning for other ends.

The exhibition also features contributions by the artists António Ole, Délio Jasse, Kiluanji Kia Henda, Mónica de Miranda and Robert Kramer, among others. We challenged Ole, Jasse, Kia Henda and De Miranda to engage with the imagery of Ruy Duarte de Carvalho’s oeuvre, thereby proposing other possible readings which emerge from a dialogue, notably intergenerational, with other artistic practices. This encounter takes shape curatorially at a moment which, although no longer Ruy Duarte’s own, is insistently interpellated by his work ‐ a work which is recognized, therefore, as presciently contemporary. 


All that throughout life has revealed and determined my place in the world, has always turned out to take place in an immediate, vivacious, empirical and in vivo manner. I have been sometimes required, no matter who or what was making that demand, to take life-or-death decisions and actions exactly while events unfolded. Elaborations and ruminations, with theory helping, often only came later. I do not recall coming to the world, of course, but in return, I recall very well having entirely changed soul and skin a half‐dozen times throughout life.

Ruy Duarte de Carvalho, “a kind of autobiographical ability”


Ephemeral Landscapes

10th December’15 ‐ 20th January’16 | Quadrum Gallery, Lisbon

[exhibition and symposium]

Exhibition             | 10th December’15 – 20th January’16

Symposium         | 10Th and 11th December [9:30 am – 06pm]

Reading               | 10th December [06pm] RDC’s poems by Manuel Wiborg

Book Launch       | 11th December [06pm] Book Diary of the Desert (Cristina Salvador) +   CD Favorable Landscapes (João Lucas), ed. Mia Soave

   presented by Ana Bénard da Costa

Film    | 15 th December [4.30 pm] Nelisita, Ruy Duarte de Carvalho (1982)

Film   | 22nd December [4:30 pm] Moia, the message of the islands, Ruy Duarte de Carvalho (1989)

cartaz de ana teresa ascensãocartaz de ana teresa ascensão10 DEZEMBRO’15

9h30 Abertura
Marta Lança e Manuela Ribeiro Sanches

10h00 Diálogos literários e disciplinares - I 

Ana Paula Tavares. “Há coisas que se sabem muito anteriormente”: a poesia e a prosa ou a geografia do afeto em Ruy Duarte de Carvalho.
Lívia Apa. Situar-se. Identidade e tradução em Ruy Duarte de Carvalho.    

Sónia Miceli. O pensamento triangular de Ruy Duarte de Carvalho, de Moia à Terceira metade.

12h00 Diálogos literários e disciplinares - II 

Christian Fischgold. Angola-Portugal-Brasil: representações literárias em Ruy Duarte de Carvalho.

Ana Maria Martinho. Revisitação de Lavra - arquivos literários e tradução cultural.

Anita Martins Moraes. Repensando a mimesis: realidade e discurso na trilogia Os filhos de Próspero, de Ruy Duarte de Carvalho.

15h00 Cinema, etnografia e o “presente angolano” - III

Inês Dias . A câmara e a nação: a criação de um país nos filmes de Ruy Duarte de Carvalho.

Paulo Branco. Relação de Ruy Duarte de Carvalho com o cinema.

Kelly Araújo. Angola de dentro para fora nas “Atas da Maianga”. Percursos políticos no pensamento de RDC.

18h00 Poesia de Ruy Duarte de Carvalho, por Manuel Wibor 

 Inauguração da exposição UMA DELICADA ZONA DE COMPROMISSO



9h30 Epistemologias - IV
Luhuna de Carvalho. Ruy Duarte de Carvalho e o projeto Neo-animista.

Manuela Ribeiro Sanches. “[O] universo particular de seja quem for que não se tenha demitido de ser pessoa……”  Narrar a subalternidade ou de como o particular pode tornar-se no comum.

José Luís Garcia. “Nas malhas do jogo do outro” - problemas da consciência moderna em África em Ruy Duarte de Carvalho.

11h00 Nomadismo, conflitos e a construção do Estado - V 

Maria Benedita Bastos. Notas e imagens por uma epistemologia nómada: Ruy Duarte de Carvalho e James Scott.

Rita Chaves. Ruy Duarte de Carvalho: escrita e mediação sob o signo do conflito.

Fernando Florêncio. O papel das autoridades tradicionais angolanas na construção do Estado de Direito. Reflexões a partir do caso do Bailundo.

15h00 Histórias de Angola - VI

Kelly Araújo. Angola de dentro para fora nas “Actas da Maianga”. Percursos políticos no pensamento de Ruy Duarte de Carvalho.

Rafael Coca. Um certo olhar Kuvale para a história colonial do sul de Angola: possibilidades e alteridades através da obra antropológica de Ruy Duarte de Carvalho.

Alexandra Dias Santos. O conto “As águas do Campembáua” e o romance Predadores, de Pepetela - esboço de comparação para uma reflexão sobre modernidade, nação e identidade.

Cátia Miriam Costa. Vou lá visitar pastores: Um diálogo entre antropologia e literatura?

16h00 Labores e diálogos - VII

José António Fernandes Dias. Um rio de várias margens. Crónica do fazer de “Dei-me portanto a um exaustivo labor”.

Inês Ponte. Conhecer e Animar o arquivo de RdC. 

Ana Balona de Oliveira. Diálogos Artísticos, Transdisciplinares e Intergeracionais: Práticas Artísticas Contemporâneas e o Imaginário de Ruy Duarte de Carvalho.

18h00 Lançamento de Livro + CD Diário do Deserto (Cristina Salvador) | Paisagens Propícias (João Lucas), ed. Mia Soave

Apresentação por Ana Bénard da Costa


Organization: BUALA

Strategic Partnership: AFRICA.CONT/CML e EGEAC-Galerias Municipais 

Collaboration: Centro de Estudos Comparatistas – FLUL e Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian


Exhibition “A Delicate Zone of Commitment”

Ana Balona de Oliveira, Inês Ponte e Marta Lança

Symposium “Dialogues with Ruy Duarte de Carvalho”

Ana Paula Tavares, Manuela Ribeiro Sanches e Marta Lança

Exhibition Design: Pedro Castanheira | Graphic design: Ana Teresa Ascensão |Production: Marta Lança

Acknowledgements: José António Fernandes Dias, Paula Nascimento, João Rapazote, João Mourão, Luís Mouro, André Pires, Manuel Wiborg, Micael Espinha, Rute Magalhães, Luhuna Carvalho e Eva Carvalho.


Galeria Quadrum
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Palácio dos Coruchéus

1700-019 Lisboa

Opening times: Tue‐Fri: 10am-01pm/02pm-06pm | Sat & Sun: 02pm‐06pm

 [* 10th, 11th and 12th December up to 08pm]

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Ruy Duarte de Carvalho | 25 November 2015 | Ephemeral Landscapes