My Kaaba is HUMAN - Rui

“I love people. I am very sociable but I have a bad habit: I talk quite a lot.” says Rui smiling and adds “Stuttering is part of my charm”.

“I started practicing Krav Maga 13 years ago and it became my passion. I am a Krav Maga instructor now. My pupils would know, I had troubling times at the Krav Maga union. It’s rough being stuck against the wall, being judged by everyone. But I continued talking. Talking to everyone…”

“We’re humans. It’s not perfection that makes us human. It is, on the contrary, our imperfections. This is what separates me from the rest. I am unlike the others! I am “the stutterer”! And this, I have. I am not giving it away to anyone.”

”Life’s too short to invent problems… It is quite likely that not everything will be the way we want. Everything that happens to us is actually beautiful. All of it! Sadness. sickness, even losing a loved one is beautiful! Cause we learn from these experiences”.

”Everyone has hair for example, I have none. Sure, I am different! It isn’t always bad being different. We could use this to our advantage. Think about it, I would be famous, in a country of long haired people, as the bald one. Why would this be bad? Why would stuttering be considered bad? Different, sure. You like it, ok. If you don’t like it, it is your problem, not mine. Cause I will keep on talking…”


My Kaaba is HUMAN 



by Sinem Taş
Cara a cara | 27 April 2019 | My Kaaba is HUMAN