My Kaaba is HUMAN - Filipe

”The birth of my nephew changed my whole life. The baby was stuck during labour and both his and my sister’s life were in danger. Emergency intervention saved them both but João was born disabled. He is 12 years now. A kid so happy, so full of life.

I love technology, machines and games. Constantly making things for João, making him happy, makes me happy too. I made a video game called “João’s adventures” for him to play with his brother. He loves the game.”

The game starts with the line: ‘There was once a boy called João. Look at João for him to walk.’ It’s just like Super Mario. João runs, jumps, reaches stars and collects points. Though he is only able to do this through a device that detects his eyes because he is 95% disabled and can only communicate using his eyes.

”I’m 42 years old. João changed a lot in me. I used to be full of anxiety and stress but now when I notice people complaining about their issues, I don’t think about those as really big problems. I am calm person, now . I have realized, with João, that people can communicate only with their eyes…

I believe the society is not yet ready for some things. For example when people come close to caress him, the look of love on their faces changes to pitiness. The fact that one is disabled does not mean they cannot understand what’s going on around them. I don’t blame people for this matter though they need to realize pitying doesn’t help at all.”


My Kaaba is HUMAN  



by Sinem Taş
Cara a cara | 4 May 2019 | My Kaaba is HUMAN