Platform OneArt coming soon

Non-Euroamerican culture is a significant and firmly acknowledged part of the art scene and as such it is represented in galleries in the centres of the art world. The relationship, and sometimes tension, between art from countries located distant from Euroamerican capitals and local art work can be interpreted as one of the sources of debate in the art scene. This debate also provides an alternative approach to art practice as well as the possiblity of  critical positions which would not be otherwise possible.

The OneArt project as such will be the first institution which creates a bridge for contemporary art from Asia, Africa and Latin America to enter the local cultural scene.  OneArt will give exposure to artists through events such as debates, exhibitions, exhibition catalogues, workshops, an academic journal, a library/ archive attached to the gallery, and its residency programme. 


24.08.2011 | by franciscabagulho | contemporary art