Public Statement

Public Statement Without prejudice to the investigation currently undertaken by the Independent Commission of the Center for Social Studies - whose findings are not yet known - with this statement, we want to express our solidarity and support with all the victims of sexual violence and moral harassment, as well as our support for denouncing these forms of violence anywhere, including at the Centre for Social Studies. We stand against any form of abuse of power


25.09.2023 | by várias

Open Letter to Routledge - Taylor & Francis Group

Open Letter to Routledge - Taylor & Francis Group This controversy raises many questions, two of which we want to bring to the attention of the international academic community: Can we, as an academic community, allow a private publisher to intervene in and even censor such an important, urgent and necessary debate in our professional field? Academic writing is still the core tool of academic knowledge production worldwide, but when we as researchers are no longer allowed to reflect critically about how to transform our field from within, what are the implications for critical reflection on academia from within?


20.09.2023 | by várias

Without taking responsibility for concrete acts of abuse committed, there is no self-criticism

Without taking responsibility for concrete acts of abuse committed, there is no self-criticism We present ourselves as a collective of women who have suffered different types of violence as a result of the pattern of abuse of power that was naturalized in the work teams led by Boaventura de Sousa Santos and considered inevitable by the people who occupied positions of authority in the Centre for Social Studies (CES) for many years. Our initial letter is attached below. Since we started to share our reflections, the number of people has increased. We have been in contact with other women who have experienced stories similar to ours. The abuse experienced is not limited to inconvenient moments promoted by a man incapable of understanding that the world has changed. It is very difficult to believe that a professional sociologist, internationally recognized as one of the greatest left-wing intellectuals, cannot understand the changes in society and adapt to them.


19.09.2023 | by várias

Subject: Book temporarily unavailable as it is under review.

Subject: Book temporarily unavailable as it is under review. We address your Publisher as a collective of victims of harassment involving Boaventura de Sousa Santos and Bruno Sena Martins in the context of Boaventura de Sousa Santos' academic teams. Our collective is currently formed of seven women, of Brazilian, Portuguese, Peruvian and Mexican nationality. Our lived experiences allow us to confirm the abusive pattern described in chapter 12 of the book Sexual Misconduct in Academia: Informing an Ethics of Care in the University. The publication of the book was decisive for our mobilization as a collective and for our decision to gather testimonial and documentary evidence that corroborate the various types of violence described in the mentioned chapter. In this sense, we note with great concern the unavailability for sale of the book.


19.09.2023 | by várias

And we, are we silent?

And we, are we silent? The fact that BSS behaves like a feudal lord no longer surprises us in this “global south”. The same cannot be said of a publisher like Routledge, whose act of censorship does not honor its history (a history that began in 1836 and includes the publication of thinkers and scholars such as Adorno, Einstein, Russell, Popper, Wittgenstein, Jung, Bohm, Hayek, McLuhan, Marcuse, and Sartre). The irony, or hypocrisy, is that Taylor & Francis, the owner of Routledge, even ventures (and rightfully so!) to provide advice to its authors who are victims of harassment in academia...

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11.09.2023 | by João Pedro George

Dear Routledge Editorial Team

Dear Routledge Editorial Team We demand that the editorial immediately republishes the entire book, article included. We demand that the scholars put in the spotlight by the article cease all persecution of the researchers and the other victims that have come forward. We demand that those scholars start walking the talk, and be consequent with their writings. This includes making themselves available for a real process of restorative justice. We demand that academic institutions, including academic presses, seriously commission diverse and unbiased task forces to bring about reparations for the practices of abuse fostered by the racist, capitalist and patriarchal system of which they are part - in a historical and immediate sense. We all know.


04.09.2023 | by várias