Public Statement

Spetember 25th 2023

In light of the academic publisher Routledge’s decision to withdraw from circulation the book ‘’Sexual Misconduct in Academia’’ (originally published in March 2023) and, successively, to exclude Chapter 12 ‘’The walls spoke when no one else would: Autoethnographic notes on sexual-power gatekeeping within avant-garde academia’’ from publication, we want to express our solidarity with the editors and authors of the book. The decision to unpublish the chapter and make the book unavailable was justified last Friday by the publisher as stemming from the very “difficult position” it found itself after receiving “a series of legal threats from several parties”. Since Routledge allowed threats of legal action to override the scientific processes of arbitration and peer review, which are essential to scientific progress, their decision constitutes a gesture that further discourages discussion about a serious and prevalent problem inside and outside academia, while moreover setting a dangerous precedent for future scientific research.

In a social context marked by disturbing attempts to limit scientific freedom, including the teaching of issues such as gender and racism in schools and universities in various regions of the world, and the silencing of complaints of sexual violence, particularly sexual and moral harassment, through the use of defamation laws, the decision to cancel the publication of an academic book chapter and make the book unavailable, despite peer review, especially since the book deals with the conditions of production of scientific knowledge, is unacceptable and needs to be condemned. This decision also places science hostage to the power asymmetries that exist in society, which could have implications for all research that generates social and ethical controversies.

Without prejudice to the investigation currently undertaken by the Independent Commission of the Center for Social Studies - whose findings are not yet known -  with this statement, we want to express our solidarity and support with all the victims of sexual violence and moral harassment, as well as our support for denouncing these forms of violence anywhere, including at the Centre for Social Studies. We stand against any form of abuse of power inside and outside the university.



Alexandre de Sousa Carvalho

Aline Mendonça 

André Cristiano José 

Angeliki Sifaki 

Avihai Stollar

Catarina Isabel Martins

Cecília MacDowell Santos

Daniela Nascimento

Danielle Araújo

Élida Lauris

Eva Garcia Chueca

Fabrice Schurmans

Fabrício Rocha

Fernando Goya Maldonado 

Gaia Giuliani

Irina Velicu

Isabella Gonçalves 

Isabel Maria Casimiro

João Rodrigues 

Joana Sousa

Júlia Garraio

Lúcia Arruda

Luciane Lucas dos Santos

Luísa de Pinho Vale

Luiza Bezerra

Maria Elena Indelicato

Maria Raquel Freire

Mateo Martínez Abarca

Maurício Hashizume

Michela Giovannini

Olga Solovova

Patrícia Ferreira

Paula Sequeiros

Pedro Fidalgo 

Rigel Lazu Cantú

Rita Alcaire

Rita Campos

Rita Santos

Rita Serra

Roberta Gondim

Sara Araújo

Sofia José Santos

Silvia Rodríguez Maeso

Sílvia Roque

Stefania Barca

Taciana Peão Lopes

Teresa Almeida Cravo

Teresa Cunha

Teresa Toldy

Vico Melo






by várias
Mukanda | 25 September 2023 | “Sexual Misconduct in Academia”