About us

Buala.org is Buala Cultural Association’s Internet site.

This is the first multidisciplinary portal dedicated to the critique, record and reflection on contemporary African cultures expressed in Portuguese language, producing texts and offering French and English translations.

Buala (in quimbundo Bwala) means home, village, community, and a meeting place. The project’s “geography” will be shaped according to the origins of the contributions made to it. A landscape carved through nomadic paths, rather than settled ones. The Portuguese language, celebrated in the diversity of its sources – Portugal, Brazil and Africa – in dialogue with the world.

Buala.org wants to make a place for the highly complex and vast field formed by the African culture, which faces a fast paced economical, political and social change. We understand the concept of culture as “system”, “community”, “event”, several sensibilities, their friction and clashes. The existing cultural politics and cultural policies, and what rests in between them. We want to problematize historical as well as ideological questions, crossing times and legacies. In the end we want to create new perspectives, without pretenses or colonial attachments, using as starting points diverse concepts emerging from contemporary Africa.

Buala.org gathers in the same place and makes available, materials, images, projects, intents, affections and memories; it is a platform built for people. A network for culture professionals and thinkers: artists, cultural agents, researchers, journalists, travelers and authors. Everyone can cross paths and reside in this Buala.


Buala in numbers:

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12 sections + 1 galeria + 1 Blog

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27 exhibitions 

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