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Domingos is a member of an African liberation movement, arrested by the Portuguese secret police, after bloody events in Angola. He does not betray his companions, but is beaten to death in prison, and not knowing he is dead, his wife goes from a prison station to another, trying in vain to know where he is…
Sambizanga is set during Angola’s struggle for liberation from Portuguese domination, and tells the story of Maria Xavier’s search for her husband, a worker, who has been imprisoned and tortured by the secret police. Focusing on her day-to-day existence during the struggle, Maria’s physical journey gradually also marks the awakening of her political consciousness.
Guadeloupean-born director Sarah Maldoror was married to one of the leaders of the Angolan struggle for independence and devoted her filmmaking career to raising international awareness of the African liberation struggles.
An ambitious film by a highly accomplished filmmaker, Sambizanga won the first prize at the 1972 Carthage Film Festival.

With: Domingos de Oliveira, Elisa Andrade, Jean M’Vondo, Dino Abelino, Benoît Moutsila, Talagongo, Lopes Rodrigues, Henriette Meya, Manuel Videira, Ana Wilson

Ler entrevista do Pedro Cardoso no Novo Jornal em Angola a Sarah Maldoror

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