It is the first multidisciplinary portal for the study, criticism, and documentation of contemporary African cultures in Portuguese, with the production of texts and translations into French and English. Buala (“Bwala” in Kimbundu) means “house”, “village”, the community where people meet each other. The geography of the project corresponds to the design of the contributions origin, more nomadic than shut-tight for sure. Portuguese language, celebrated into the diversity of Portugal, Brazil and Africas, dialogues with the world. Buala.org aims to register the complexity of the broad African cultural field, which is experiencing a rapid economic, political, social, and cultural change. We consider culture as systems, communities, event, sensitivities, and frictions; as cultural policies and practices, and what there is in between them; as questioning ideological and historical issues, by intertwining times and legacies. All in all, we wish to create new looks, unassuming and decolonized, from multiple points of enunciation of contemporary Africa.Buala.org focuses on and provides materials, pictures, projects, intention, affections, and memories. It is a platform built for people; a network for professionals of culture and thought. Artists, cultural agents, researchers, journalists, curious, travelers, and authors: everyone can meet each other and inhabit this Buala.


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