Interactive pieces





I work primarily with photography, writing, video, and analog collage, and explore themes around reimagining realities, belonging, consumption, interdependence, and nature. My work is intimate, visual, abstractified, and thought to be interactive, making it so that each interaction with the public is a new intervention, a ressignification of the work itself, making it eternally expansive. My practice is essentially a process of interrogation, reevaluation, and ressignifying realities. This process is always inspired by the environment around me, be it natural, built, social, or emotional. I’m interested in materializing visually, audibly, tactically, etc., the worlds we can create when we recenter the emotional, the human, the natural (of nature, not eugenics), and share this exercise with whoever engages with my art. I don’t relate to ideologies like to “decolonize” , or “deconstruct” that still center the colonial or the negative object we want to alter. I align myself with ideas of creating, materializing, humanizing, reconstructing, reformulating, regenerating. I want to create worlds that start from principles that are naturally empowering and not “in opposition to” , worlds that recognize the moment we are living in, not romanticizing an idyllic past nor feeding a catastrophism about the future that leads us to inertia, but that stimulates our imagination to create parallel realities that are more egalitarian, just, harmonic, and intentional.