P.J. Marcellino

(Lisbon, 1978). Filmmaker, author, curator, and political scientist. Born in the Cape Verdean diaspora in Lisbon and currently based in Toronto, he is the founder and creative director of Anatomy of Restlessness Films, where he develops film and TV projects with an eminent socio-political angle. He primarily produces social impact documentary, experimental cinema, and narrative projects intersecting political drama/thrillers, Neo-Noir, and Afrofuturism. In 2020 he co-organized/co-curated FUTURE NOW!, an African digital conference about the creative industries, and co-founded Baobab Film Collective, an ensemble of African filmmakers for which he leads project development. He is a member of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television and the recipient of the 2018 Rigoberta Menchú Social Award. Previously, he worked as a journalist, editor, and a social researcher in the fields of migration, human security, memory, and identity. He has also spearheaded communications at the African Union’s Peace & Security Department, in Addis Ababa.

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