Mattia Denisse

Artist. Born in France in 1967 bur he has never felt that he is from anywhere. He travelled in Europe and Africa. In 2006, he went to Cape Verde to sample island life, which would profoundly transform his work. He created three installations there, Paisagem Inacabada, “A Continuação”, and “O Vulcão Invertido”, which paradoxically use meteors as substances; absence or presence of rain, wind, clouds…In that island life, where boredom is a condition sine qua non, he wrote and drew. These were his two means of moving from a thought to something, with the minimum of intermediaries. In 2008 and 2009 he has focused solely on drawing. He began three series – “Les Îles Désertes”, “Engramme” and “les Conférences – essays on topological ontology”. A solitary person commits enigmatic acts on the landscape and improvises strategies for communicating with what is. In these drawings one finds traces of the installation process, and reminiscences of previous works.


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