Lilian Solá Santiago

Lives and works in São Paulo. She’s a filmmaker, producer, cultural and professor with degree in History and a Master in Latin American Integration at the University of São Paulo (USP).
She participated in the production of dozens Brazilian films in the last fifteen years. She had directed, among others, the films “Família Alcântara” (with Daniel Santiago, 2005), “Balé de Pé no Chão – a dança afro de Mercedes Baptista ” (with Marianna Miller, 2006) and “Graffiti” (2008).
She conceived and curatorial the “Espelho Atlântico - Mostra de Cinema da África e da Diáspora” (Mirror Atlantic – film from Africa and Diáspora), third edition  - Rio de Janeiro.
In 2006 she received the Award Zumbi dos Palmares - honor given by the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo for her defense of affirmative action in promoting racial equality in the State of São Paulo.


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