Beatriz Leal Riesco

Historian of Art at the University of Salamanca, where she has worked as a researcher and adjunct profesor.  While preparing to read her thesis on “The Concept of Authorship in the History of Cinema,” she is currently a freelance researcher in the United States.  She has published numerous articles on cinema theory and history in such journals as Secuencias, Revista de Historia de Cine, Film-Historia, African Screens, and Art-es as well as editing books and organizing seminars and courses on peripheric cinemas.  A member of SOCINE, ASA, and CILEC, she has been awarded a fellowship from the Università Normale di Pisa as well as a best in class from the University of Salamanca for her thesis on Italian filmmaker Mario Martone.  At present, her research focuses on the role of music in contemporary African cinema and on the sociopolitical implications of art reception.


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