kwanzas reajustados

The capitalist worker lives with the same perpetual anxiety as the opiate addict. The source of biosurvival security, the neuro-chemistry of feeling safe, is hooked to an external power. The conditioned chain money equals security, no money equals terror, is reinforced continually by seeing others “fired” and fallen by the wayside. Psychologically, this state may be categorized as chronic low-grade paranoia. Politically, the manifestation of this neurochemical imbalance is known as Fascism. (…)

As Leary says, “Fear and rage restrictions on freedom now dominate our social life… fear and restricting violence can become addictive kicks, reinforced by schizophrenic policymakers and an economic system which depends upon restricting freedom, and upon the production of fear and the inciting of violent behavior.”

In Desmond Morris’s perfect metaphor, the naked ape behaves exactly like a zoo animal: despair is the essence of the cage experience. In our case, the bars are intangible, imprinted game-rules: Blake’s “mind-forg’d manacles.” We are literally being robbed blind. We have literally taken leave of our senses. The conditioned token, the symbol money, controls our mental well-being.

The Illuminati Papers, Robert Anton Wilson, 1980.