AK 47


My current creative practice concerns the former colonised countries in Africa. The main themes that are discussed are the effects and impacts of post-colonisation, violence and the persistent dependency of the colonised countries.

The purpose of my work is not to simulate the meanings described above but to enhance the real connotation behind them. The use of mechanics as a “background” theme is a critique of to capitalism and how people have become ‘marionettes’. Hence, my work refers to capitalism and is related to themes such as manipulation of the masses and distortion of information.

The methodology used on my main practice is collage and the use of silhouettes. I discuss the issue mentioned above through the most used weapon in Africa, the AK 47, imported and distributed by the West, which becomes a metaphorical artefact in my work.

Through these concepts I try to reach a better understanding of the human behaviour and the different ways of which people perceive the world around us.