Welket Bungué

Is originally from the Balanta tribe, was born in Xitole (Guinea-Bissau) on February 7th, 1988. He is a Portuguese-Guinean actor and film director. He holds a degree in theater from the Actors branch (ESTC / Lisbon) and a postgraduate degree in Performance (UniRio / Brazil). He is a Permanent Member of the Portuguese Academy of Cinema since 2015. In 2012, he was awarded as “Best Actor” for his performance in ‘Mütter’. In 2019 he produced more than six short films such as ‘Jah Intervention’, ‘It’s Good To Meet You’ or ‘Run If You Can, Dance If You Dare’ and its films have been screened on several international film festivals such as Africlap (France), Zanzibar Intl. Film Fest., Afrikamera (Berlin), IndieLisboa, DocLisboa, Rio de Janeiro Intl. Film Fest. or Stockholm Dansfilmfestival. He also directed the short films ‘I Am Not Pilatus’(2019), ‘Arriaga’(2019) and ‘Bastien’(2016) in which he was distinguished with the “Best Actor Award” and “Best First Film Award” by Shortcutz Awards 2017 in Ovar and Viseu (both in Portugal). In 2019 he was awarded with an “Angela Award - On The Road” at the Subtitle Festival in Kilkenny, Ireland by Richard Cook. He currently based in Berlin.

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